Land O' Lakes Baseball League

Master Player Database

LOL Player Database

The database can help LOL team managers determine whether the rights to a player they want to sign belong to another LOL team or which team hold a player's alumni rights.

A team wishing to sign a new player whose LOL rights are currently held by another team is required to obtain a release from that team.

If a team wishes to sign a player who has never played LOL baseball and whose residence is within the territory of another LOL team, a release from the other LOL team is required based on residence. Managers needing guidance in determining whether a release is required based on residency should contact their division commissioner.


Below are names of players whose rights are the property of LOL teams as submitted on April 22, 2016 along with the name of the team that currently holds the rights to that player. Scroll down to the corresponding to the last name of the player you are checking. If the player you are researching is listed, that means that in order to sign that player, a release is required from the team that currently holds the rights to that player. Players with an * in front of their name were not on a 2016 roster. The team listed is the last team they played for and who still holds the rights to that player.

Alumni rights are held by the LOL team a player last played for.

Contact information for all LOL team managers is located under contacts on this site.

Managers should be aware that their team may need to use a pick to sign the new player. For more information on the pick system, please review the LOL bylaws or contact your division commissioner.

'A' Player Database

Abel, Eric (New Berlin Lakers)
*Abel, Kevin (Dousman Frogs)
*Abresch, Nick (North Lake Lakers)
*Abromaitis, Andrew (Monches Irish)
Adams, Tyler (West Bend 7 UP)
*Adsit, Adam (Rome Raiders)
Agnew, Justin (Oconomowoc Five-Os)
Aiello, Mike (Racine Kiwanis)
Alba, Jose (Sussex Cardinals)
*Albrecht, B.J. (West Bend 7 Up)
Alderman, Grant (Burlington Barons)
*Alt, Justin (North Lake Lakers)
*Alvaro, Joe (East Troy Express)
Ambrose, Troy (East Troy Express)
*Anderson, Brady (Hartland Oilers)
*Anderson, Brandt (Lannon Stonemen)
*Anderson, Derrick (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Andes, Johan (Pewaukee Muskies)
Andres, Anthony (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Anghondo, Mike (Racine Kiwanis)
Aplin, Nick (Rome Raiders)
*Appleton, Bobby (Racine Kiwanis)
*Archambault, Josh (Rome Raiders)
Archambault, Paul (Burlington Barons)
Archie, Jack (Hartland Oilers)
Armstrong, Nick (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Arndt, Gary (Racine Erickson)
Arnold, Johnny (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Atkinson, MIchael (East Troy Express)
Audley, Steve (North Lake Lakers)
August, Don (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
August, Logan (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Ausloos, Matt (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Axelson, Brent (Waterford Rivermen)
Axelson, Wade (Waterford Rivermen)
Azarian, Sam (Racine Kiwanis)

'B' Player Database

Bahm, John (Hartland Oilers)
*Bahr, Andrew (Monches Irish)
*Baker, Josh (Racine Kiwanis)
*Balgord, Andy (East Troy Express)
*Banning, Ben (Racine Erickson)
Banse, K.J. (Racine Kiwanis)
*Barbee, Austin (Sussex Cardinals)
*Barczak, Jeff (North Lake Lakers)
*Barczak, Mike (North Lake Lakers)
*Barker, Chris (Racine Erickson)
Barker, Mike (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
Barnes, Casey (Thiensville-Mequon Twins)
Baron, Jason (Genesee Rebels)
Bartlein, Steve (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Bartz, Matt (Burlington Barons)
Barwick, Dan (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Barwick, Jim (Lannon Stonemen)
Basthemer, Greg (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Bateman, Brock (Pewaukee Muskies)
Bauer, Andrew (Oconomowoc Five’O’s)
*Bauer, Joe (East Troy Express)
Bauer, Matt (Genessee Rebels)
*Becker, Andy (West Bend 7-Up)
*Becker, Jared (Merton Amvets)
Becker, Rob (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
Behrend, Shaun (Ixonia Snappers)
*Behrens, Tom (Waterford Rivermen)
Belknap, JJ (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Belknap, Steve (Genessee Rebels)
*Bell, Griffin (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
Bell, Nash (Oconomowoc Titans)
*Belling, Russ (North Prairie Dawgs)
Benfield, Alex (Hartland Oilers)
*Bengston, Brian (Ixonia Snappers)
*Benjernoor, R.J. (Hartland Oilers)
*Berger, Kyle (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Berger, Matt (North Lake Lakers)
*Berghoefer, Brandon (North Lake Lakers)
*Berndsen, Cory (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Bernhardt, Sam (Racine Kiwanis)
*Bernhardt, Shane (Dousman Frogs)
Bertnick, Drake (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Betances, Juan (Monches Irish)
*Bianchi, Joe (Waterford Rivermen)
*Biddick, Jesse (Ixonia Snappers)
Biederer, Kevin (Ixonia Snappers)
Bierman, Eric (Dousman Frogs)
*Bierman, Evan (Dousman Frogs)
Biermann, Zach (West Bend 7-Up)
Bigus, Adam (Lannon Stonemen)
*Birch, Alex (Merton Amvets)
*Bird, Matt (North Lake Lakers)
*Birdeau, Kevin (Merton Amvets)
*Biron, Tim (Lannon Stonemen)
*Blackwell, Matt (Lannon Stonemen)
Blakeway, Justin (North Prairie Dawgs)
Blakeway, Scott (North Prairie Dawgs)
Blanchet, Nick (West Allis Nighthawks)
Blankenmeyer, Ian (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Block, Todd (Rome Raiders)
*Bloedow, Todd (Pewaukee Muskies)
Blohwiak, Greg (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Bloom, Mike (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Boettcher, Aaron (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Bogard, Mike (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Bohati, Bart (Racine Kiwanis)
Bolson, Bob (Oconomowoc Five-Os)
Bolson, Mike (Oconomowoc Five-Os)
*Bonk, Andy (Lannon Stonemen)
*Bonk, Mike (Lannon Stonemen)
Boos, Bryce (Rome Raiders)
Booth, Jason (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Booth, Scott (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Borgardt, Trent (Pewaukee Muskies)
Borkowski, Zack (Burlington Barons)
Born, Dan (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Bouche, Josh (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
*Braatz, Jeremy (Ixonia Snappers)
Brahier, Andy (Rome Raiders)
Brandt, Brad (Pewaukee Muskies)
Bratten, Joey (Lannon Stonemen)
Brechtl, Adam (Waterford Rivermen)
Bredeson, Jack (Monches Irish)
*Bremberger, Andy (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Brengosz, Nick (Monches Irish)
Brewer, Jacob (Merton Amvets)
Briceland, Adam (Monches Irish)
Briggs, Tony (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
Brockel, Rob (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Bromley, Phil (Ixonia Snappers)
Brooks, Jason (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Brothers, Steven (Sussex Cardinals)
*Brown, Jake (Rome Raiders)
Browning, Shane (Hartland Oilers)
*Brueser, Matt (Hartland Oilers)
*Brunelli, Jason (New Berlin Lakers)
*Brusky, Tyler (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Bruss, Brady (Hartland Oilers)
Bruss, Matt (West Allis Nighthawks)
Buck, Aaron (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Budda, Tim (North Lake Lakers)
Bullock, Bryant (West Bend 7 Up)
*Burbick, Chris (Hartland Oilers)
*Burd, Aaron (Burlington Barons)
*Burch, Dan (Racine Kiwanis)
Burke, Conner (Racine Kiwanis)
Burke, Matt (Milwaukee Beavers)
*Burns, Brad (West Bend 7 UP)
Burns, Mike (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Burns, Nathan (West Bend 7 Up)
*Bury, Rick (West Bend 7 Up)
*Bush, Kevin (West Bend 7 Up)
Butler, Tony (Oconomowoc Five-Os)
Bynum, Billy (West Bend 7-Up)

'C' Player Database

*Calawerts, Billy (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Calhoun, Kyle (North Prairie Dawgs)
Calmes, Dave (North Lake Lakers)
Calmes, Jake (North Lake Lakers)
Calmes, Sam (North Lake Lakers)
Capasson, Jon (Burlington Barons)
*Capasso, Sam (Racine Kiwanis)
Carberry, Scott (Sussex Cardinals)
*Carey, Michael (Merton Amvets)
Carrington, Jimmy (Racine Kiwanis)
*Carriveau, Ben (Dousman Frogs)
*Cartledge, D.J. (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Cartwright, Michael (Merton Amvets)
*Casey, David (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Casey, Josh (Racine Erickson)
*Casper, Austin (East Troy Express)
*Castro, Ernest (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Catarazelli, Ryan (Dousman Frogs)
*Cedarholm, Jay (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Chadwick, Jeff (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Challe, Dan (Burlington Barons)
Chapman, Kurtis (Hartland Oilers)
*Chapman, Tony (Waterford Rivermen)
*Chardukian, Jordan (Kenosha Merchants)
*Charter, Adam (Monches Irish)
Cheaney, Nicholas (Racine Kiwans)
*Cherry, Kyle (Merton Amvets)
*Christensen, Austin (Waterford Rivermen)
*Christman, Matt (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Cikel, Aaron (Racine Kiwanis)
*Cloutier, Jon Paul (Racine Kiwanis)
*Cokey, Aaron (Racine Kiwanis)
*Coleman, Chris (Dousman Frogs)
Collello, Vince (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Collins, Mike (Thiensville-Mequon Twins)
Collins, Nick (Oconomowoc Five-Os)
*Collopy, Mike (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Conigliaro, Brendon (Hartland Oilers)
*Connell, Sean (Dousman Frogs)
*Connelly, Cory (Monches Irish)
*Cook, Phil (Racine Kiwanis)
*Cornell, Chris (North Lake Lakers)
*Costa, Joe (North Prairie Dawgs)
Cottrell, Eric (Hartland Oilers)
Covarrubias, Adam (Ixonia Snappers)
Cramer, Brett (West Bend 7 UP)
*Crawley, Nolan (New Berlin Lakers)
*Croak, Brian (Monches Irish)
Cutshall, Eric (Rome Raiders)


'D' Player Database

Dahlke, Dan (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Daley, Chris (North Lake Lakers)
*Damres, Macklin (Rome Raiders)
*Daniels, Aaron (Waterford Rivermen)
*Davenport, Mike (Hartland Oilers)
*Davis, Shane (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Davy, Marshall (Monches Irish)
*Dean, Mike (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Decent, Tony (West Bend 7 UP)
Decker, Jarrod (Merton Amvets)
*DeGrave, Aaron (Burlington Barons)
*Dekonning, Bob (Lannon Stonemen)
*Dekonning, Doug (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Delong, Matt (West Bend 7 UP)
*Delzell, Kevin (Oconomowoc 5-Os)
DeMarais, Matt (Genessee Rebels)
*Dent, Chris (North Lake Lakers)
*Dentice, Al (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Dentice, Joe (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Derosier, David (Pewaukee Muskies)
Derse, Forrest (Oconomowoc Five-Os)
Dibb, Chad (Hartland Oilers)
Dibb, Chris (New Berlin Lakers)
*Dibb, Colin (Hartland Oilers)
Dibb, Jake (Hartland Oilers)
*Dibb, Josh (Hartland Oilers)
Dibb, Troy (Hartland Oilers)
Dieball, TJ (Monches Irish)
Dineen, Kevin (Dousman Frogs)
*Dirienzo, Jay (New Berlin Lakers)
*Dlobik, Mark (Lannon Stonemen)
Dlobik, Matt (Lannon Stonemen)
*Dlobin, Matt (Dousman Frogs)
*Doe, Sullivan (North Lake Lakers)
*Doedens, Nick (Thiensville-Mequon Twins)
Doerr, Kevin (Monches Irish)
*Doffek, Scott (Lannon Stonemen)
Dolan, Aaron (Genessee Rebels)
*Dolan, Jeff (Genessee Rebels)
*Dolan, Ryan (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Dolske, Jed (Lannon Stonemen)
Dominick, Adam (Pewaukee Muskies)
Dominick, Brian (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Donnelly, Casey (Pewaukee Muskies)
Donnelly, Justin (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Donovan, Greg (New Berlin Lakers)
Donovan, Jeff (New Berlin Lakers)
*Donovan, Mike (New Berlin Lakers)
Donovan, Tom (New Berlin Lakers)
*Doolittle, Adam (Dousman Frogs)
*Dorn, Jim (Ixonia Snappers)
Douglas, Dan (East Troy Express)
*Douglas, Nick (East Troy Express)
*Dragotta, Mike (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Dralle, Evan (North Prairie Dawgs)
Dubnicka, Mitch (Monches Irish)
Dugandzic, Tommy (Waterford Rivermen)
*Dumke, Zach (Lannon Stonemen)
Duprey, Matt (Pewaukee Muskies)
Duran, Trevor (Hartland Oilers)
*Dybevic, Jonathan (Rome Raiders)
*Dybevoc, Scott (Rome Raiders)
Dykema, Tyler (North Prairie Dawgs)


'E' Player Database

*Earle, Brian (Rome Raiders)
Ebbert, Silas (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Eberle, Mike (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Ebsen, Chris (Hartland Oilers)
*Eddy, Tyler (East Troy Express)
Edmundson, Ben (Burlington Barons)
*Edwards, Jake (Monches Irish)
*Ehley, Kyle (North Lake Lakers)
Eidt, Josh (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Ellifson, Joe (Genessee Rebels)
*Elliott, Ben (Hartland Oilers)
Elloitt, Chris (Genessee Rebels)
*Emerich, Alex (West Bend 7 UP)
*Ems, Steve (Waterford Rivermen)
Engel, Brodie (Lannon Stonemen)
Engel, Connor (Lannon Stonemen)
Engel, Steve (Genessee Rebels)
*Engibous, Troy (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Engler, Ty (Waterford Rivermen)
*Eppler, Michael (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
*Erato III, Vic (Sussex Cardinals)
Erd, Joe (Lannon Stonemen)
Erd, Nick (Lannon Stonemen)
*Erdman, Alex (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Erdman, Chris (Sussex Cardinals)
Erickson, Luke (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Erickson, Mark (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Ermatinger, Greg (Merton Amvets)
*Etringer, Jeff (Sussex Cardinals)

'F' Player Database

Falcon, Anthony (Racine Kiwanis)
*Falls, Ben (New Berlin Lakers)
*Fasse, Dillon (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Fasse, Nick (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Feierstein, Mike (Thiensville-Mequon Twins)
Felkner, Zak (Hartland Oilers)
*Fettes, Alex (Burlington Barons)
*Fettes, Tyson (Burlington Barons)
*Fiala, Mark (Lannon Stonemen)
*Fidler, Jason (East Troy Express)
*Filbert, Jake (Ixonia Snappers)
Filbert, Lucas (Ixonia Snappers)
*Fink, Robert (Butler Bombers)
Finn, Austin (Dousman Frogs)
Fischer, Alex (Sussex Cardinals)
Fischer, Jake (Sussex Cardinals)
Fischer, Zack (Hartland Oilers)
Fisher, Chris (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
Fitzsimmons, Tyler (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Flater, Kyle (Waterford Rivermen)
*Fleck, Mike (Burlington Barons)
*Fleischman, Blake (Lannon Stonemen)
*Fleischman, Chris (Dousman Frogs)
Fleming, Sean (Genessee Rebels)
*Flewesling, Dan (Merton Amvets)
*Flood, Mike (Rome Raiders)
Flood, Tyler (Rome Raiders)
*Floyd, Dusty (Burlington Barons)
*Floyd, Eric (Burlington Barons)
*Floyd, T.J. (Burlington Barons)
Folger, Ben (Waterford Rivermen)
*Fon, Jared (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Fons, Kyle (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Forry, Zach (Waterford Rivermen)
Francois, Jared (Burlington Barons)
Franzen, Kris (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Franzke, Cuyler (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Frederickson, Chris (North Lake Lakers)
*Fredrick, Jason (Ixonia Snappers)
Friend, Dylan (Burlington Barons)
Friend, Nolan (Burlington Barons)
*Fritz, Dave (Genessee Rebels)
Frohwirth, Tyler (Lannon Stonemen)
Furrer, Ryan (North Lake Lakers)


'G' Player Database

Gabberino, Matt (North Lake Lakers)
*Gaeth, Alex (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Gainer, Tyler (Genessee Rebels)
Gallagher, Jim (Hartland Oilers)
*Galle, Joe (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Gallo, Adam (Rome Raiders)
Gallo, Benjamin (Rome Raiders)
Gambarese, Jerry (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Ganey, Mike (Merton Amvets)
*Gappa, Mike (New Berlin Lakers)
Garland, Ryan (North Prairie Dawgs)
Garrison, Jordan (Rome Raiders)
Garsky, Hunter (Rome Raiders)
Gasper, Cory (Sussex Cardinals)
Gasper, Ryan (Sussex Cardinals)
Gattas, James (North Prairie Dawgs)
Gerdman, Dave (Ixonia Snappers)
*Gerek, Mike (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Gerhartz, Andy (New Berlin Lakers)
Ghelfi, Nick (Sussex Cardinals)
*Gilroy, Joseph (Racine Kiwanis)
Girard, Nolan (Burlington Barons)
*Gissal, Eric (Lannon Stonemen)
Giuffre, Phil (Merton Amvets)
*Glant, Nate (Genessee Rebels)
*Globig, Andy (Monches Irish)
*Globig, Dave (Monches Irish))
*Glowe, Jason (North Lake Lakers)
*Gnacinski, Phil (Racine Kiwanis)
*Goetz, Eric (New Berlin Lakers)
*Goetz, Mike (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Gollwitzer, Justin (Merton Amvets)
*Gonzales, David Jr (Racine Kiwanis)
*Gonzales, Marky (Rome Raiders)
Goodman, Elijah (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Goodman, Will (Ixonia Snappers)
Gorman, Bill (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Gotzle, Tim (Dousman Frogs)
Grabarczyk, Mike (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Gramann, Joey (Dousman Frogs)
*Grambois, Steve (North Lake Lakers)
*Green, Dan (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Green, Kyle (Hartland Oilers)
*Greiber, Marcus (Hartland Oilers)
*Greiber, Trevor (Hartland Oilers)
*Greutzmacher, Bill (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Groehler, Matt (Oconomowoc Five-Os)
Gromalak, Fred (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Grollo, Jacob (Merton Amvets)
Grove, Dalton (Dousman Frogs)
Grove, Dylan (Dousman Frogs)
*Guden, Steve (Lannon Stonemen)
Guetzke, Brock (Pewaukee Muskies)
Gunderson, Ross (Waterford Rivermen)
*Gunderson, Ryan (North Lake Lakers)
*Guzman, Robert (Rome Raiders)


'H' Player Database

* Haas, Jordan (Pewaukee Muskies)
Haase, Dean (Lannon Stonemen)
*Haen, Luke (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Hagendorn, Robert (North Shore Knights)
*Hagen, Scott (Lannon Stonemen)
Hagmayer, Jacob (Lannon Stonemen)
*Hall, Ben (Merton Amvets)
*Hall, Brandon (New Berlin Lakers)
*Hall, Brandon (West Bend 7 UP)
*Hall, Derek (West Bend 7 UP)
*Hall, Doug (West Bend 7 UP)
*Hall, Kevin (New Berlin Lakers)
*Hall, Mark (West Bend 7 UP)
Hallenbeck, Alex (Burlington Barons)
*Hallett, Ben (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Hammen, Sam (New Berlin Lakers)
Hammer, Carl (Butler Bombers)
Hanson, Austin (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Hanson, Ben (North Lake Lakers)
*Haralson, Matt (Hartland Oilers)
Harder, Greg (Pewaukee Muskies)
Harmeling, Chris (Waterford Rivermen)
*Harper, Tony (West Bend 7 UP)
*Hartmann, Brett (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Hausen, Kevin (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Haxton, Jared (Rome Raiders)
Heckenkamp, Nick (Genessee Rebels)
Heffel, Derek (Racine Kiwanis)
Hegeman, Kyle (New Berlin Lakers)
Helnore, Dane (Burlington Barons)
*Heinritz, Caleb (Sussex Cardinals)
Heinritz, James (Monches Irish)
*Heinzelmann, Donald (Dousman Frogs)
Heiting, Nick (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Helland, Matt (West Allis Nighthawks)
Hellman, Dave (Genessee Rebels)
*Helwig, Zach (Waterford Rivermen)
*Hemmer, Andy (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Henes, Dan (Racine Kiwanis)
*Henes, Steve (Racine Kiwanis)
Henke, David (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Henkel, Josh (North Lake Lakers)
Henkel, Zach (North Lake Lakers)
Henry, Jason (Pewaukee Muskies)
Henschel, Brian (Pewaukee Muskies)
Henschel, Craig (Hartland Oilers)
*Heppe, Nick (Sussex Cardinals)
*Heppe, Wesley (North Lake Lakers)
*Herbert, Matt (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Herforth, C.J. (Monches Irish)
*Herforth, Eric (Monches Irish)
*Hernandez, Armondo (North Prairie Dawgs)
Hernandez, Ryan (Sussex Cardinals)
Hernikle, Cole (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Hess, Scott (Ixonia Snappers)
Hetebrueg, Andy (West Bend 7 UP)
Hetebrueg, Matt (West Bend Lithia)
*Heyeman, Kyle (New Berlin Lakers)
*Heyob, Scott (East Troy Express)
*Higgins, Nick (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Hilgendorf, Jacob (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Hilgendorf, Jake (North Lake Lakers)
*Hill, Gary (Burlington Barons)
*Hillman, Eric (Lannon Stonemen)
*Hillman, Taylor (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Hinckley, Dylan (West Bend 7 UP)
Hinz, Ryan (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Hoberg, Joel (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Hockman, Kyle (Burlington Barons)
Hodel, Mike (Genesee Rebels)
Hodkiewicz, Joey (Milwaukee Beavers)
*Hoenecke, Andy (West Bend 7 UP)
Hoenecke, Paul (West Bend 7 UP)
Hoffman, Carson (Rome Raiders)
Hoffman, Lucas (Rome Raiders)
Hoffman, Ryan (Burlington Barons)
Hoffstrom, Jason (Ixonia Snappers)
Hohlmen, Darius (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Hollman, Matt (Merton Amvets)
*Hollow, Joel (Racine Kiwanis)
*Holmstrom, Bryan (New Berlin Lakers)
*Holton, Andrew (Rome Raiders)
*Holtzeuter, Matt (Pewaukee Muskies)
Hotter, Andy (Rome Raiders)
Hottinger, Jake (Oconomowoc Five-Os)
Hottinger, Josh (Oconomowoc Five-Os)
*Houk, Chris (Rome Raiders)
Houk, Lucas (Rome Raiders)
*Hoy, Tim (North Lake Lakers)
*Huffaker, Matt (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
*Huggins, Steve (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Hughes, Nathan (Monches Irish)
Hunt, Blake (Monches Irish)
Hunt, Nick (Waterford Rivermen)
*Huntemann, Aaron (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Huntsinger, Brian (Lannon Stonemen)
*Huotari, Bret (New Berlin Lakers)
Hurst, Conner (Racine Kiwanis)
Hutterer, Jared (Pewaukee Muskies)

'I-J' Player Database

*Infield, Jordan (Lannon Stonemen)
*Infusino, Jason (Genesee Rebels)
*Iverson, Erik (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Jackym, David (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Jacklin, Cal (West Bend 7UP)
*Jacks, Randall (Dousman Frogs)
*Jackson, Dave (Merton Amvets)
*Jackson, Nick (Burlington Barons)
Jacob, Brad (Monches Irish)
Jacobs, Mike (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Jacobson, Adam (North Lake Lakers)
Jacobson, Jason (Waterford Rivermen)
*Jacobson, Mike (New Berlin Lakers)
*Jahnke, Jason (Racine Kiwanis)
*Jahnke, Joe (West Allis Nighthawks)
*James, Charlie (Racine Kiwanis)
James, George (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Jaramillo, Lee (Racine Erickson)
*Jarosz, Greg (Burlington Barons)
Jaster, James (Monches Irish)
Jaster, Jay (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Javier, Bryan (Racine Kiwanis)
*Jenke, Tom (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Jezeski, Tim (Hartland Oilers)
*John, Blake (Burlington Barons)
*Johnson, Bryce (Monches Irish)
Johnson, Casey (Saukville Saints)
*Johnson, Collin (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Johnson, Glen (North Prairie Dawgs)
Johnson, Joe (Merton Amvets)
Johnson, Justin (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Johnson, Kyle (Racine Kiwanis)
*Johnson, Mark (Racine Kiwanis)
*Johnson, Matt (Racine Kiwanis)
*Johnson, Mike (Racine Kiwanis)
Johnson, Tanner (Sussex Cardinals)
Johnson, Todd (Sussex Cardinals)
Johnson, Tyler (North Prairie Dawgs)
Johnson, Will (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Johnson, Zach (North Lake Lakers)
Jommen, Jackson (West Bend 7 UP)
Jones, Austin (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Jones, Charlie (Racine Kiwanis)
*Jones, Chris (Lannon Stonemen)
*Jones, Ryan (West Allis Nighthawks)
Jorgenson, Joseph (Ixonia Snappers)
*Jost, Bobby (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Jungbauer, Jim (New Berlin Lakers)
Jushka, Aaron (Pewaukee Muskies)
Justman, Jed (West Bend 7 UP)


'K' Player Database

Kaatz, Austin (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Kadunc, Kevin (Oconomowoc Five-Os)
Kaebisch, Ben (Sussex Cardinals)
*Kahle, John (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Kahle, Tim (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Kalman, Jason (Lannon Stonemen)
Kanavas, Nick (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Keane, Jonathan (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Keays, Riley (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Kenkel, Troy (Lannon Stonemen)
*Koenigs, Eric (Hartland Oilers)
*Koepke, Nathan (North Lake Lakers)
*Koepke, Ryan (Merton Amvets)
*Koepp, Trevor (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Koeppen, Joel (North Lake Lakers)
Koeppen, Travis (North Lake Lakers)
*Kohn, Zach (North Lake Lakers)
*Kolacinski, Zach (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Kollman, Dustin (Burlington Barons)
Kolosinski, Jake (New Berlin Lakers)
Konkol, Buck (Monches Irish)
*Konruff, Dusty (Dousman Frogs)
*Konruff, Jake (Dousman Frogs)
Kooping, Joe (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Kopecki, Tyler (Monches Irish)
Kopp, Jake (West Bend Lithia)
*Kopp, Matt (Sussex Cardinals)
Korman, Ben (Waterford Rivermen)
Kornowski, Chris (Sussex Cardinals)
*Kortes, Sam (Hartland Oilers)
Kosczak, Ray (Ixonia Snappers)
*Kostrewa, Chris (Merton Amvets)
Koth, Taylor (West Bend 7 UP)
*Kovach, Michael (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Kovinsky, Jarod (Merton Amvets)
*Kowalkowski, Kyle (Rome Raiders)
Kozelek, Anthony (Waterford Rivermen)
*Kozlowski, Ron (Lannon Stonemen)
Kozlowski, Tyler (Lannon Stonemen)
Kozlowski, Zach (Lannon Stonemen)
*Kraczek, Joe (North Prairie Dawgs)
Kraemer, Erik (West Bend 7 UP)
*Kraft, Cole (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Krahn, Brett (Rome Raiders)
Kranz, Brandon (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Kraus, Andy (Ixonia Snappers)
Kraus, Travis (East Troy Express)
Krause, Brett (Lannon Stonemen)
Krause, Nathan (West Bend 7 UP)
Krausert, Cameron (Hartland Oilers)
*Krawjeski, Rick (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Krien, Kyle (Burlington Barons)
Krier, Kyle (West Bend Lithia)
Kroenke, Seth (Sussex Cardinals)
Krohn, Casey (West Bend 7 UP)
*Krommel, Ben (Waterford Rivermen)
Kronschnabel, J.P. (Dousman Frogs)
*Krowiorz, Josh (West Bend 7 UP)
*Krueger, Sam (Monches Irish)
Kuchenbecker, Matt (Burlington Barons)
*Kuczynski, Jordan (Lannon Stonemen)
*Kueffler, Josh (Lannon Stonemen)
Kuhlmann, Nick (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Kuhn, Mike (Burlington Barons)
Kuhtz, Kevin (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Kula, Casey (New Berlin Lakers)
*Kurszewski, Jake (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Kurth, Trevor (Brookfield Blue Sox)

'L' Player Database

Laabs, Bryan (Sussex Cardinals)
Labellarte, Dominic (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Lackey, Eric (Merton Amvets)
Lacome, Ben (New Berlin Lakers)
*Landreman, Buster (Racine Erickson)
Landwehr, Jim (Monches Irish)
Lang, Cooper (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Lang, Matt (East Troy Express)
Langley, Chad (Burlington Barons)
*Larsen, Craig (West Bend 7 Up)
Larsen, Dan (Hartland Oilers)
*Larson, Jack (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Larson, Logan (Monches Irish)
Laske, Anthony (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Lauger, Anthony (Lannon Stonemen)
Laurishke, Chris (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Lawrence, Alex (Genessee Rebels)
*Lawton, Billy (West Bend 7 UP)
*Lawton, Sam (West Bend 7 UP)
Leachy, Brad (Hartland Oilers)
Leback, David (Burlington Barons)
Leet, Brian (Ixonia Snappers)
*Lehner, Eric (Racine Kiwanis)
Lehner, Nick (Racine Kiwanis)
Leight, Donnie (Waterford Rivermen)
Leitner, Aaron (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Lemke, Josh (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Lemke, Sam (West Bend 7 UP)
Lemmermann, Jeff (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Lena, Shaun (Merton Amvets)
*Lenling, Brad (North Lake Lakers)
*Lenski, Matt (New Berlin Lakers)
*Lenski, Steve (New Berlin Lakers)
*Lenz, Connor (Merton Amvets)
Leonard, Preston (Merton Amvets)
Leveraus, Darrin (Sussex Cardinals)
*Lever, Alex (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Lidwin, Andrew (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Liebetrau, Mike (West Bend 7 UP)
*Liebner, Andrew (West Bend 7 UP)
Linse, Aaron (Rome Raiders)
*Linse, Dean (Rome Raiders)
*Linse, Peter (Rome Raiders)
*Lois, Brad (Burlington Barons)
*Lokken, James (Hartland Oilers)
*Lopez, Matt (North Lake Lakers)
*Lopez, Steve (North Lake Lakers)
*Lorselle, Steve (Sussex Cardinals)
Loss, Zach (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Loth, Allen (East Troy Express)
*Loth, Jeb (East Troy Express)
Lucyshyn, Bill (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Ludorf, T.J. (Hartland Oilers)
*Ludowinski, Jeff (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Lueck, Jeff (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Luedtke, Jeff (Burlington Barons)
*Lueneburg, Jake (Racine Kiwanis)
*Luetzow, Billy (Ixonia Snappers)
Lunde, Tyler (Waterford Rivermen)
*Lundwall, Caleb (Hartland Oilers)
*Lunowa, Mark (Lannon Stonemen)
Luty, Collin (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Lutz, Bobby (Lannon Stonemen)
Lynch, Griffin (Brookfield Bulldogs)

'M' Player Database

Maas, Jonah (West Bend Lithia)
Mabry, Kyle (North Lake Lakers)
MacLeod, D.J. (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Magyan, Tyler (New Berlin Lakers)
*Magyar, Tyler (North Lake Lakers)
Mahnke, Corey (Monches Irish)
*Majeskie, Billy (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Malay, Tyler (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
*Malec, Chris (Burlington Barons)
Maleck, Dylan (Waterford Rivermen)
*Malmstadt, Ian (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Manders, Bob (Lannon Stonemen)
Manlick, Mike (Hartland Oilers)
Mann, Jon (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Mantwitz, Eric (New Berlin Lakers)
Mantz, Brandon (West Bend 7 UP)
*Maracinni, Bryan (Hartland Oilers)
Marchan, Brandon (Merton Amvets)
*Markson, Steve (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Marlin, Jim (Pewaukee Muskies)
Marquardt, Eric (North Lake Lakers)
Marron, Jim (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Marshall, Brett (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
Martin, Doug (Milwaukee Beavers)
Martin, Ryan (Ixonia Snappers)
*Martinez, Pedro (Racine Kiwanis)
*Martwitz, Eric (New Berlin Lakers)
*Martz, Connor (Hartland Oilers)
*Mason, Luke (Racine Kiwanis)
*Matarraese, Vinny (Racine Kiwanis)
*Mathias, Scott (Merton Amvets)
Matovich, Donald (Lannon Stonemen)
Mattheis, Sam (West Bend 7 UP)
*Matyas, Greg (Dousman Frogs)
Matyas, Scott (Dousman Frogs)
*Mayer, Bruce (Lannon Stonemen)
Mayer, Jason (Brookfield Bulldogs)
McCartan, Matt (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*McCormick, Ryan (Burlington Barons)
*McCoy, Ross (Pewaukee Muskies)
McDermott, Craig (Rome Raiders)
McFarlane, Keith (Genesee Rebels)
*McFarlane, Robert (Genesee Rebels)
McGowack, Chris (Dousman Frogs)
*McIarey, Ben (Pewaukee Muskies)
McIntyre, Jeremy (Sussex Cardinals)
*McKenna, Scott (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*McPherson, Bryan (Sussex Cardinals)
*McRae, Alex (New Berlin Lakers)
*McWilliams, Josh (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Medina, Sergio (Sussex Cardinals)
*Meeusen, Greg (Racine Kiwanis)
Meier, Joel (Genessee Rebels)
*Meinecke, Casey (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Meister, Jacob (Hartland Oilers)
*Melms, David (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Melms, Jon (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Melms, Luke (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Melvin, Cory (Thiensville-Mequon Twins)
Mentkowski, Luke (Monches Irish)
Mercier, Carl (Hartland Oilers)
*Mertins, Joey (Hartland Oilers)
Mertins, Tim (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Metzger, Bryan (Lannon Stonemen)
*Meunier, Eddie (Ixonia Snappers)
Meyer, Jake (Merton Amvets)
*Meyer, Nate (Burlington Barons)
Meyer, Randy (Monches Irish)
Meyer, Taylor (Merton Amvets)
*Michalkiewicz, Robert (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Mielke, Eric (West Allis Nighthawks)
Mierow, Jeff (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Mierow, Mike (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Miklois, David (New Berlin Lakers)
*Mikricker, Troy (Merton Amvets)
Miller, Jake (Monches Irish)
*Millikin, Cory (Monches Irish)
Milroy, Joe (Burlington Barons)
Mitchell, Michael (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
Mitsche, Karsten (Merton Amvets)
*Mlachnik, David (New Berlin Lakers)
Mlachnik, Deano (New Berlin Lakers)
Molle, Justin (Burlington Barons)
*Molter, Alec (Lannon Stonemen)
Monigal, Andy (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Moore, Dan (Lannon Stonemen)
Moore, Jacob (Dousman Frogs)
*Morgan, Jason (Waterford Rivermen)
Moritz, Ryan (Waterford Rivermen)
Moroder, Connor (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Morrill, Jason (Merton Amvets)
Morris, Alexander (Hartland Oilers)
Morrison, Matt (Merton Amvets)
Morrison, Ryan (West Bend Lithia)
Morrow, Rex (Burlington Barons)
Mortensen, Justin (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Mortirinzik, Erik (New Berlin Lakers)
*Morley, Jason (Merton Amvets)
Mott, Andrew (Racine Kiwanis)
Mrkvicka, Troy (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Mudge, Mike (Monches Irish)
*Mudge, Richard (Monches Irish)
*Mueller, Andrew (West Bend 7 UP)
Mueller, Daniel (West Bend 7 UP)
*Mueller, Dwight (Rome Raiders)
*Mueller, Mat (Hartland Oilers)
Mueller, Mike (West Bend 7 UP)
Mueller, Tony (Hartland Oilers)
Mulkey, Sam (Merton Amvets)
Mundt, Marcel (New Berlin Lakers)
*Munn, Joe (New Berlin Lakers)
Murn, Alex (Ixonia Snappes)
*Murphy, Jack (Hartland Oilers)
Murray, Jordan (Oconomowoc 5-Os)
Musser, Joel (West Bend 7 UP)
*Muszynski, Austin (East Troy Express)


'N-O' Player Database

Nabak, Dominic (Genesee Rebels)
Nabor, Todd (East Troy Express)
*Nagy, Craig (Rome Raiders)
Neale, Gunner (Racine Kiwanis)
*Neder, Steve (East Troy Express)
*Neibaur, Logan (Racine Kiwanis)
Nelson, Derek (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
Nelson, Erik (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Nelson, Kyle (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
Nelson, Luke (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
*Nettesheim, Chad (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
*Newbauer, Andy (North Lake Lakers)
*Newbauer, Jason (North Lake Lakers)
*Neuberger, Sean (West Allis Nighthawks)
Newberry, Alex (Racine Kiwanis)
*Nichols, Justin (Lannon Stonemen)
*Nick, Jonathan (West Bend 7 UP)
Nielsen, Troy (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Noel, Steve (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Nokovic, DT (New Berlin Lakers)
*Nolan, Dustin (North Shore Knights)
Noll, MIke (Hartland Oilers)
*Nordling, Dan (North Lake Lakers)
*Notch, Kyle (Genessee Rebels)
*Nowak, Cody (North Prairie Dawgs)
Nowicki, Bart (Waterford Rivermen)
Nowicki, Brad (Waterford Rivermen)
*Nueschaefer, Ty (Merton Amvets)
*Oberbrunner, Jake (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Oberbrunner, Jamey (Brookfield Blue Sox)
O’Brien, Dan (Brookfield Bulldogs)
O'Brien, Pat (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*O’Brien, Tyler (New Berlin Lakers)
*O’Connor, Sam (West Allis Nighthawks)
*O'Gorman, Collin (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Ohaver, Zach (Racine Kiwanis)
*Oksiuta, Nate (Genessee Rebels)
*O’Leske, Adam (Hartland Oilers)
*Olson, Erik (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
Olson, Matt (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Olson, Murphy (East Troy Express)
Olson, Myles (East Troy Express)
Olson, Robert (Hartland Oilers)
*Opalewski, Jordan (Monches Irish)
*Ortiz, Mike (New Berlin Lakers)
Ostendorf, Nate (Oconomowoc Five-Os)
Oswald, Josh (East Troy Express)
Owens, Kevin (Dousman Frogs)
Owens, William (Dousman Frogs)

'P' Player Database

Paepke, Taylor (Sussex Cardinals)
*Panagos, Peter (Rome Raiders)
*Pangborm, Mike (Hartland Oilers)
*Parent, Derek (Hartland Oilers)
Parrent, Matt (West Bend 7 UP)
*Partier, Ben (New Berlin Lakers)
*Paszek, Jordan (Sussex Cardinals)
Paulson, Tyler (Rome Raiders)
*Paun, Joey (Monches Irish)
*Pautz, Joshua (Rome Raiders)
Peake, Derek (Pewaukee Muskies)
Pearson, Andrew (Burlington Barons)
*Pearson, Eric (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Pease, Jim (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Pederson, Lance (Rome Raiders)
*Pederson, Leroy (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Pederson, Talor (East Troy Express)
Peil, Adrian (East Troy Express)
*Pena, Mike (Racine Kiwanis)
Pennington, Tommy (Racine Kiwanis)
Perez, Jake (West Bend 7 UP)
*Perleberg, Chris (Ixonia Snappers)
*Perleberg, Mike (Ixonia Snappers)
Pestras, Jarek (Hartland Oilers)
*Peters, Jeff (New Berlin Lakers)
*Peterson, Brett (Burlington Barons)
Peterson, Cody (Burlington Barons)
*Peterson, Eric (Monches Irish)
*Peterson, Nolan (New Berlin Lakers)
Petrosky, Kyle (Hartland Oilers)
Pfeiffer, John (Genessee Rebels)
*Pickett, Andy (Ixonia Snappers)
*Piedot, Ryan (West Bend 7 UP)
*Pierce, Mike (Racine Kiwanis)
*Pierce, Mikole (Racine Kiwanis)
*Pierson, Justin (Merton Amvets)
*Pieters, Joe (Burlington Barons)
*Pindyck, Blake (Racine Kiwanis)
*Pinnt, Ben (Ixonia Snappers)
Pinsoneault, KC (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Pitrof, Jeff (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Pitsch, Conrad (Monches Irish)
*Plese, Luke (Sussex Cardinals)
*Pluess, Tom (East Troy Express)
*Poelmann, Nathan (Racine Kiwanis)
Poeske, Max (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Poniewaz, Ken (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Porcaro, Andrew (Burlington Barons)
*Porcaro, Anthony (Burlington Barons)
Porcaro, Mike (Burlington Barons)
Postulek, Bill (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Poulson, Tim (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Povlick, Ryan (New Berlin Lakers)
Price, Chris (Merton Amvets)
Proehl, Robby (Rome Raiders)
Pronschinski, Alex (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Proud, Brett (Oconomowoc Five-O's)
*Prust, Derrick (North Lake Lakers)
*Pryal, Curt (New Berlin Lakers)
*Pulkowski, Bob (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Putnam, Dan (New Berlin Lakers)

'Q-R' Player Database

*Qualman, Brian (West Allis Nighthawks)
Quinn, Kyle (Racine Kiwanis)
*Raasch, Kevin (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Raasch, Mitchell (West Allis Nighthawks)
Radichel, Justin (Dousman Frogs)
*Radojicik, Mike (Waterford Rivermen)
*Radue, Marcus (West Allis Nighthawks)
Raduenz, Chuck (Waterford Rivermen)
Ramirez, AJ (Oconomowoc Five-Os)
Ramirez, Roberto (Oconomowoc Five-Os)
*Rammelt, Ryan (Ixonia Snappers)
Randolph, Joe (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Ranchau, Eric (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Rangel, Jordan (New Berlin Lakers)
Rechlitz, Nick (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Rechner, Matthew (Hartland Oilers)
*Reddinger, Brandon (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Reddy, T.J. (Hartland Oilers)
*Reed, Alex (New Berlin Lakers)
*Reed, Randy (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Reeves, Brent (Pewaukee Muskies)
Regan, Kyle (Dousman Frogs)
*Reich, Kyle (Burlington Barons)
*Reimer, Eric (Lannon Stonemen)
Reimer, Nick (West Bend 7 UP)
Reinewski, James (Merton Amvets)
*Reish, Shane (West Bend 7 UP)
*Rennicke, Tim (West Allis Nighthawks)
Renz, Heath (Rome Raiders)
*Ressler, Kirk (Monches Irish)
*Rettler, Jack (West Bend 7 UP)
*Reuter, Jeff (Burlington Barons)
Rhoads, Jeff (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
Rhoads, Steve (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
Rhone, Steve (Merton Amvets)
Rhude, Greg (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Richardson, Jordan (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Richarz, Evan (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Richter, Karl (Burlington Barons)
*Rick, Gregg (New Berlin Lakers)
*Rieder, Kyle (Waterford Rivermen)
*Rieder, Matt (Waterford Rivermen)
*Riehle, John (New Berlin Lakers)
*Rincon, Javier (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Rindahl, Ted (Hartland Oilers)
Rindfleisch, Brad (West Bend Lithia)
*Rink, Jake (New Berlin Lakers)
*Rink, Mac (Lannon Stonemen)
Risch, Matt (Oconomowoc Five-Os)
Ristow, Jacob (West Allis Nighthawks)
Ritzman, William (Waterford Rivermen)
*Rivera, Zach (Pewaukee Muskies)
Roberts, Tyler (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Roberts, David (Dousman Frogs)
Roberts, T.J. (Monches Irish)
Roble, Greg (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Rohde, Mike (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Rohe, Eric (Lannon Stonemen)
Rohlinger, Adam (West Bend 7 UP)
Rohlinger, Matt (West Bend 7 UP)
Rohlinger, Ryan (West Bend 7 UP)
*Romens, Nick (Pewaukee Muskies)
Rose, Tate (West Bend Lithia)
Rosenthal, Nick (West Bend 7 UP)
Ross, Cale (Merton Amvets)
*Roth, Nick (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Rothering, Mike (Racine Kiwanis)
Roubik, Luke (Racine Kiwanis)
*Rouse, Ryan (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Rowe, Blake (Dousman Frogs)
*Rozanski, Allan (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Rubatt, Adam (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Rubatt, Dan (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Rubatt, Matt (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Ruediger, Ryan (Racine Kiwanis)
Rutz, Jason (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Ryder, Jake (Racine Kiwanis)


'S' Player Database

*Sacharski, Eric (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Sacharski, Rico (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Sadowski, Jake (North Prairie Dawgs)
Sadowski, Jameson (North Prairie Dawgs)
Sadowski, Tyler (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Saeger, Adam (Ixonia Snappers)
*Saeger, Zack (Racine Kiwanis)
*Sagert, Chris (Ixonia Snappers)
*Sain, Jonathan (Merton Amvets)
Salomaki, Austin (Rome Raiders)
Sallis, Phil (Ixonia Snappers)
*Salopek, Tim (East Troy Express)
*Sanders, Michael (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
*Sanders-Barta, Elliott (Monches Irish)
*Santorella, Dave (Merton Amvets)
Sarauer, Adam (West Bend 7 UP)
Sarauer, Austin (West Bend 7 UP)
Sarcia, John (Pewaukee Muskies)
Sarcia, Kurt (Pewaukee Muskies)
Saskowski, Tim (Sussex Cardinals)
*Sastaletz, Jake (Waterford Rivermen)
Satiros, Dan (New Berlin Lakers)
Satiros, Nick (New Berlin Lakers)
*Saugstad, Brad (Genessee Rebels)
*Sautbine, Matt (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Sayles, Dan (New Berlin Lakers)
Scadden, Connor (East Troy Express)
*Schafer, Tim (East Troy Express)
Schlass, Anthony (West Bend 7 UP)
*Scartori, Joe (Dousman Frogs)
*Scasny, Eric (Waterford Rivermen)
Sharon, Joel (West Bend 7 UP)
*Schedler, Nick (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Scheibe, Jake (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Schicker, Kyle (Rome Raiders)
*Schiedemeyer, Kyle (Lannon Stonemen)
*Schiestle, Jack (Racine Kiwanis)
*Schilter, Matt (West Bend 7 UP)
Schilter, Ryan (West Bend 7 UP)
*Schmidt, Damon (Waterford Rivermen)
Schmidt, Dan (Monches Irish)
Schmidt, Gary (Genessee Rebels)
*Schmitt, Ryan (Sussex Cardinals)
Schmitz, Eric (Pewaukee Muskies)
Schmoker, Kyle (Ixonia Snappers)
*Schnuelle, Brett (Ixonia Snappers)
Schoch, Jon (Burlington Barons)
*Schoeneck, Chris (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Scholz, Zach (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Schrader, Matt (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Schreck, Joe (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Schref, Matt (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
Schreiber, Nick (Sussex Cardinals)
*Schroeder, Eric (New Berlin Lakers)
Schubert, Matt (West Bend 7 UP)
Schubert, Nathan (West Bend 7 UP)
*Schueller, Scott (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Schultz, Dominic (North Lake Lakers)
Schultz, Matt (Merton Amvets)
*Schultz, Nick (North Lake Lakers)
*Schultz, Stephen (Monches Irish)
Schulze, Matthew (Hartland Oilers)
Schwall, Andy (West Allis Nighthawks)
Schwall, Jacob (West Allis Nighthawks)
Schwefel, Frank (Ixonia Snappers)
*Schweikert, Ryan (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Seban, Derrtick (Sussex Cardinals)
*Seegers, Jake (Dousman Frogs)
Seegers, Joe (Dousman Frogs)
Seewald, Tom (West Bend 7nUP)
*Seibel, Kevin (Hartland Oilers)
*Seifert, Brandon (Lannon Stonemen)
*Selkie, Matt (North Prairie Dawgs)
Senft, Kyle (Lannon Stonemen)
*Senft, Steven (East Troy Express)
*Serio, Josh (New Berlin Lakers)
*Seriver, Brian (Burlington Barons)
Serres, Benny (Monches Irish)
Sesvold, Shaun (Hartland Oilers)
*Shaw, Ryan (Dousman Frogs)
Shepherd, Mac (Burlington Barons)
Sherrick, Mike (Saukville Saints)
Shipman, Jarred (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Shutta, Jordan (Hartland Oilers)
Sibilsky, Andy (Hartland Oilers)
*Siehoff, Alex (Burlington Barons)
Sievert, Scott (West Allis Nighthawks)
Simons, Nate (Racine Kiwanis)
*Simsich, Brent (Pewaukee Muskies)
Sivilotti, Sam (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Slaske, Chris (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Smith, Andy (Monches Irish)
*Smith, Austin (Burlington Barons)
*Smith, Cody (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Smith, Cory (North Prairie Dawgs)
Smith, Jeff (East Troy Express)
*Smith, Jon (Rome Raiders)
*Smith, Kyle (Monches Irish)
Smith, Pat (Monches Irish)
Smothers, Clint (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
Smrz, Jacob (Merton Amvets)
Sniatynski, Parker (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Snyder, Kevin (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Sobczak, Eric (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Sobrilsky, Nick (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Solberg, Ryan (Pewaukee Muskies)
Sommerfield, Luke (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Sommerfield, Peter (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Sonier, Chris (North Lake Lakers)
*Sorenson, Aaron (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Sotiros, Dan (New Berlin Lakers)
*Sotiros, Nick (New Berlin Lakers)
*Sottile, Vincent (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Sowinski, Darren (New Berlin Lakers)
*Sowinski, Kevin (Racine Kiwanis)
Spence, Tony (West Bend 7 UP)
Splittgerben, Mike (Rome Raiders)
*Sprung, Karl (Monches Irish)
Stamm, Nick (Oconomowoc Five-Os)
*Standish, Geoff (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Standish, Kris (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Stanford, Peyton (Racine Kiwanis)
*Stankowski, Matt (North Lake Lakers)
*Stapleman, Tom (Racine Erickson)
Stapleton, Brenn (Monches Irish)
*Stapleton, Jesse (North Lake Lakers)
*Stasiewski, Dan (North Prairie Dawgs)
Stasik, Kyle (Genessee Rebels)
*Stasik, Wes (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Staski, Kyle (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Stebbins, Derek (Genessee Rebels)
Stecker, James (North Lake Lakers)
*Stefansky, Dan (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Steinbrenner, Andy (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Stengrevics, Bill (Burlington Barons)
Stephanie, Matt (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Stephens, Tyler (New Berlin Lakers)
Stetzenbach, John (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Stevens, Zach (New Berlin Lakers)
Stewart, Jared (Rome Raiders)
Stewart, Kyle (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Stillman, Eric (North Lake Lakers)
*Stillman, Jon (North Prairie Dawgs)
Stocklein, Brian (West Allis Nighthawks)
Stohls, Andy (Waterford Rivermen)
Stolte, Nate (New Berlin Lakers)
*Stoppenbach, Bryan (Burlington Barons)
*Storm, Ryan (Hartland Oilers)
*Stromen, Jason (Waterford Rivermen)
*Sturgill, Dan (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Sturtevant, Andy (Genessee Rebels)
*Summers, Brett (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Sutherland, Alex (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Swan, Sam (North Lake Lakers)
Swan, Zach (North Lake Lakers)
*Swanson, Rick (Monches Irish)
Syens, Luke (Burlington Barons)
Sykes, Kyle (Oconomowoc 5-Os)
*Szachewicz, Dale (Pewaukee Muskies)
Szalacinski, Zach (Merton Amvets)
Szajna, Brian (Genessee Rebels)
Szajna, Jim (Genessee Rebels)


'T' Player Database

*Tajnai, Aaron (New Berlin Lakers)
Tanguay, Josh (Genessee Rebels)
Taylor, Tell (Burlington Barons)
Taylor, Trent (Burlington Barons)
*Teas, Austin (North Lake Lakers)
*Techtman, Mike (West Bend 7-Up)
Tejada, Ben (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Tendick, Paul (Merton Amvets)
Tenhagen, Landon (Burlington Barons)
Teske, Chris (Brookfield Bulldogs)
*Tess, Austin (North Lake Lakers)
Tess, Jeff (East Troy Express)
Tess, Jory (East Troy Express)
Teuteberg, Jason (Rome Raiders)
Theisen, Chris (Genessee Rebels)
Thicke, Tyler (West Bend 7 UP)
*Thiessenhusen, Bryan (New Berlin Lakers)
*Thompson, Bill (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Thompson, Dan (Hartland Oilers)
Thompson, Travis (Sussex Cardinals)
*Thomson, Joe (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Thor, Eric (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Thrun, Mike (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Thull, Travis (West Bend 7 UP)
Timmers, Dan (East Troy Express)
Tobiasz, Pat (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Todarello, Dominic (North Lake Lakers)
Tomter, Alex (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Topp, Dave (Monches Irish)
Torch, John (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Tontillo, Jim (East Troy Express)
*Towler, Sean (Hartland Oilers)
*Trapp, John (Waterford Rivermen)
Travers, Dane (Hartland Oilers)
Treichel, Ryan (West Allis Nighthawks)
Tremaine, Shawn (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
*Trepanier, Zach (Hartland Oilers)
*Truax, Andy (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Trupke, Paul (Genessee Rebels)
*Tsakonas, Jon (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Tucker, Ian (Saukville Saints)
Tuler, Andy (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Tushaus, Tommy (North Lake Lakers)
Tusner, Ben (Dousman Frogs)
*Tuttle, Jake (North Prairie Dawgs)


'U-V' Player Database

Uhen, Nick (Burlington Barons)
*Ullsperger, Dan (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Urban, Ethan (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Urban, John (North Lake Lakers)
Uselman, Clayton (Rome Raiders)
Vagerst, Lucas (New Berlin Lakers)
Van Beck, Eric (Monches Irish)
*Van Beck, Greg (Hartland Oilers)
*Van Beck, Josh (Monches Irish)
*Vanderhei, Cody (North Prairie Dawgs)
Van Holle, Aaron (Pewaukee Muskies)
Vechart, Adam (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Veith, Lou (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Versnik, Ben (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Vielbaum, Jim (Ixonia Snappers)
*Villarreal, Alex (Burlington Barons)
Vlaj, Adam (New Berlin Lakers)
Vlaj, Paul (New Berlin Lakers)
*Voge, Chris (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Vogel, Matt (Lannon Stonemen)
*Volden, Cory (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Volkmann, Drew (Pewaukee Muskies)
Voltner, Nick (Butler Bombers)
Von Rueden, Jeff (Ixonia Snappers)
*Von Rueden, Wes (Ixonia Snappers)
Vorlob, Jortdan (West Allis Nighthawks)
Voss, Adam (New Berlin Lakers)
*Voss, Noah (Brookfield Bulldogs)


'W' Player Database

*Wagner, Joseph (Racine Kiwanis)
Wagner, Kyle (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Waier, Steven (Merton Amvets)
Waldschmidt, Adam (Hartland Oilers)
Walkowski, Adam (Burlington Barons)
Wallace, Ben (Port Washington Lakers)
Wallace, Mark (Burlington Barons)
Wallis, Matt (North Lake Lakers)
Walljasper, Ben (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Walsh, Charlie (Hartland Oilers)
*Walters, Kim (North Prairie Dawgs)
Wambold, Craig (Dousman Frogs)
*Wascheck, Jake (New Berlin Lakers)
*Wasilik, Mike (Racine Kiwanis)
*Watt, Derek (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Watt, JJ (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Weakman, David (Rome Raiders)
*Weber, Dave (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Weber, Justin (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Wegner, Jon (Rome Raiders)
Weisbrod, Eric (Racine Kiwanis)
Weishan, Andy (North Lake Lakers)
*Weiskirch, Curt (Merton Amvets)
Weissman, Ryan (Sussex Cardinals)
Welch, Ryan (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Wellnitz, Zach (Rome Raiders)
*Wendt, Bryan (Hartland Oilers)
*Wenk, Taylor (Waterford Rivermen)
*Wentz, Jake (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Wentz, Joe (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
Wenzel, Kurt (East Troy Express)
Werner, Brandon (Pewaukee Muskies)
Wershay, Mark (Genessee Rebels)
Wesley, Anthony (North Prairie Dawgs)
Westenberger, Ryan (West Bend Lithia)
*Wester, Dan (Dousman Frogs)
*Wetzler, Jim (Dousman Frogs)
*White, Jordan (Hartland Oilers)
*Wichmann, Mac (Racine Kiwanis)
*Wichser, Mike (Pewaukee Muskies)
Wichser, Nick (Pewaukee Muskies)
Wickham, Henry (Hartland Oilers)
Widder, Adam (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Wiedenhoeft, Micah (Ixonia Snappers)
Wiedenhoeft, Scott (Ixonia Snappers)
*Wiedmeyer, Justin (West Bend 7UP)
*Wielebski, T.J. (Hartland Oilers)
*Wietholter, Preston (Brookfield Bulldogs)
Wigdal, Keaton (Dousman Frogs)
Wilbur, Zach (Hartland Oilers)
Wildesen, Justin (Ixonia Snappers)
Williams, Brady (Hartland Oilers)
*Williams, Juston (Monches Irish)
Williams, Andy (Larry) (Dousman Frogs)
Williams, Brent (Dousman Frogs)
Windel, Michael (East Troy Express)
Wilndel, Mitch (East Troy Express)
Winter, Nick (West Bend 7 UP)
*Winter, Steve (Rome Raiders)
*Wirth, Nick (Ixonia Snappers)
*Wishau, Noah (Waterford Rivermen)
*Wiskowski, Brad (Genessee Rebels)
*Wisowaty, Zach (Racine Kiwanis)
*Witek, Jarrod (Merton Amvets)
*Witon, Rob (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Witthuhn, Nick (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Wittlin, Max (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Witzlib, Bode (Monches Irish)
Wnuk, Dan (Lannon Stonemen)
*Wojcinski, Jay (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Wolf, Austin (Dousman Frogs)
*Wolf, Matt (Brookfield Blue Sox)
Wolf, Tommy (Menomonee Falls Lakers)
*Woloczyk, Justin (Merton Amvets)
Wolter, Adam (East Troy Express)
*Wolter, Jason (Rome Raiders)
Wong, Andrew (Merton Amvets)
Wright, James (West Bend 7 UP)


'X-Y-Z' Player Database

*Yawney, Kaiton (Merton Amvets)
Yesko, Zach (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Yogerst, Lucas (New Berlin Lakers)
*Young, Brent (New Berlin Lakers)
Yute, Justin (Dousman Frogs)
*Zaborowski, Mike (Genessee Rebels)
Zalnis, Kevin (Brookfield Blue Sox)
*Zarek, Alex (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Zembrowski, Zach (Racine Kiwanis)
Zemla, Tyler (New Berlin Lakers)
Zemple, Andrew (Ixonia Snappers)
*Zevnik, Sam (New Berlin Lakers)
Ziegler, Jim (West Bend 7 UP)
Ziemann, Chandler (Oconomowoc Five-O's)
*Ziesemer, Geoff (West Allis Nighthawks)
*Zimmer, Tyler (Oconomowoc Five-O’s)
Zimmermann, Kyle (Lannon Stonemen)
Zimmerman, Tom (Pewaukee Muskies)
*Zingsheim, Sean (North Prairie Dawgs)
*Zutter, Kevin (Merton Amvets)
Zyhowski, Joel (Lannon Stonemen)